How to Donate

  1. Use PayPal

Go to and send funds to

2. Send an International bank transfer to our Zambian account. This method works well for larger sums which make it worth paying the fee (which is usually about £25). Ask Evelyn for details: write to

3. Donate through The Kalahari People’s Fund in the USA

The Kalahari Peoples Fund (KPF) in the USA can accept payments on our behalf and issue tax receipts. You can donate in two ways:

(a) Use PayPal on the KPF website,

(b) Send a US bank check made out to ‘The Kalahari Peoples Fund’ and post it to: Kalahari Peoples Fund, PO Box 7855, University Station, Austin, Texas 78713-7855, USA.

When donating through KPF, it is essential that you send an email or accompanying letter to inform them that your donation is for Mulemi Community School in Zambia. Write to with your name and address, amount and date sent, or include a letter with your check. KPF will then send you a tax receipt.

July 2014 Newsletter

More About the Project


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