Mulemi Community School is a grass-roots, community-led project.  

The aim is to build a primary school in an area which is not served by a Government school. We have already completed one building, which has two classrooms and one teacher’s office, but we still need to build three more classrooms, a special building for the Early Years education (for children aged 3 to 6) education, and three teachers’ houses.

The initiative for the school came from a group of concerned parents from six neighbouring villages on the banks of the Zambezi, in Zambia.

To give an overview, particularly for those who are new to the school project, below are some ‘before-and-after’ photographs.

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‘Before’ began in 2007, when local volunteer teachers held classes for young children, teaching them their A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s in the mud-and-thatch church building in Lizazi village. They had no books, no classroom furniture, and nowhere to store any materials or display the children’s work.  ‘After’ started when we registered the first students in our brand-new, community-built classrooms in January 2012 and began the formal programme of pre-school and primary education, having assisted our teachers to become fully qualified.

In between…? Well, there are lots of stories about those years! You can read some of them in our newsletters, which will soon be available on this site. If you would like to read them now, just write and ask: mulemi.school@gmail.com

The school’s first name was Nandavu, but during the opening meeting in the new school, the community members chose Mulemi, naming it after the village on whose land the first classrooms have been built. Some of the scenes from this first era of construction are shown below to give you an idea of how ‘hands-on’ this community project really is!

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