New classrooms on their way!

Dear Friends

We’re on our way to building the new classrooms…but we urgently need some financial help, so that we can accommodate Grade 5 students in January 2016.

stone load Oct 2015

seriously large load of stone

Please help the community by sending funds to complete the new classrooms.

The simplest method is to use PayPal: send funds to

Brett has been doing an amazing job of organising all the materials and working with the community on this stage of the project. The photograph at the top shows the first load of stone from the Livingstone quarry, and below are some snapshots of the project through 2015.

In July this year, we made great progress with the able and willing volunteers from Melton Vale School and Wycombe High, all of whom brought their dedicated efforts and good spirits to the project. (I’ll write about the volunteers in a future post: they deserve more than a mention!)

We also received a generous donation to buy a large water tank, which you can see behind the pile of blocks. When this building phase is over, we’ll erect the tank on a stand and connect it to the reticulation at the school site.

The total sum needed to complete this next stage is US$17,888.

Here’s the breakdown of costs:

Mulemi Community School Project Building costs Dec 2015

Every year, we have found a way to grow the school to accommodate each year group as it progresses. Now we face the challenge of completing at least one more classroom in time for the start of the new school year in January. If we don’t manage, the current Grade Four students may have to move on to another school further away, or abandon their education temporarily.

Thank you for any contribution you can make. All sums, however small, are appreciated. With gratitude, on behalf of the community,

Evelyn (Project Coordinator).

Contact me on if you have any questions relating to donating or other project matters.

About Mulemi Community School

This is a grass-roots project on the banks of the Zambezi River, in rural Zambia. Its overall aim is to raise funds for the construction and operation of a primary school, for villages situated far from the nearest government school. Since the beginning of the project in 2007, we have managed to build two classrooms, with a storeroom, a teachers' office, and four toilets nearby. We have also sponsored four local teachers through teacher-training college in Livingstone. The aim now is to become registered with the Zambian Ministry of Education, at which point the school becomes a sustainable project, independent of donors. To qualify for registration, we must construct a specially designed Early Years classroom, three more classrooms in one building, and three houses for teachers. Additional funds are required for classroom resources, teachers' salaries, a kitchen/dining area, and professional development for the teachers.
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